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Kevin Gohou

Urban Element

Originally from France, Kevin Gohou was introduced to the specialized street dance style, Krump at the age of 15 years old and has dedicated his life to it every day since. In August of 2014, after 5 years intensive dance training with the original creator and pioneer of Krump dance, TightEyez. (Los Angeles, USA), Kevin was ranked ‘Junior Maddripp’ in the Tight Eyez family.

Kevin lives up to his reputation as one of the mentors and innovators of the Krump movement in Europe and has travelled, taught, battled and judged in some of the most prestigious events across France, Italy, Germany, England, Denmark, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and now Canada.

Currently residing in Montreal, Kevin is teaching the youth and senior generation at Urban-Element Zone as well as continuing to develop the movement of Krump across Canada and Europe. Still in the early stages of his career, he strives to leave his trace in the history of Krump worldwide.

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