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Marissa Gagnier

Marketing - Social Media

Marissa was born in Mississauga, raised in Ottawa, and is now working in results-focused technology marketing in both Ottawa and Toronto with Soshal. She primarily works alongside purpose-driven institutions (education, healthcare, and not-for-profits) to spread awareness and create results through the use of digital marketing.

She was introduced to Culture Shock the first year she was with her (now) husband in 2009. He was, at the time, doing logistics for the Culture Shock Canada Showcase, and he has been a part of Culture Shock since the early 2000s. He had such admiration for the dancers, organizers, and for Culture Shock as a whole, and still remains a volunteer for Showcase every year.

Since then, a large majority of her close friends are, or have been closely connected to Culture Shock, and seeing how highly they spoke of the organization, as well as her love for music, she knew that she wanted to be a part of the CS family that had positively impacted so many of the important people in her life.

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