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Marc-André Clément

National Executive Director (Charity)

Marc-André Clement is a passionate entrepreneur and educator who dedicates his life to the promotion of a positive, active and healthy lifestyle.

Marc-André has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience ranging from entertainment, personal wellness, training, and more. Since 1991, he has worked in the fitness and health industry, with numerous years of competitive coaching and mentoring experience. Marc-André has been involved with numerous organizations on a regional, national and worldwide scale from being a national High Five Facilitator and national ViPR Master Trainer to international fitness and lifestyle presenter, consultant and motivational speaker. Marc-André is known for his commitment to offering creative, high quality solutions for both active and competitive lifestyle needs.

As the co-founder of Momentum Moves Canada and partner at PoliceFit Canada, Marc-André is no stranger to the Entrepreneur Lifestyle. He is recognized for his ability to instil leadership skills for youth and adults, by creating innovative dance and movement programs as a fitness alternative, and preaching the importance of creativity and individuality. Mesmerized by the art of movement through Hip Hop music, he has appeared on the award winning "Cardio Hip Hop" TV show.

Marc-André has real estate holdings in rental properties and is an experienced landlord. He has been actively involved with world renown network marketing companies and often collaborates with Carleton University Masters Students in Social Media and Design for internship purposes.

Perhaps most notably, Marc-André is the National Executive Director of Culture Shock Canada Charity, and has been the driving force behind the success of this organization since 1998. He continues to act as an ambassador to Culture Shock internationally, as well as other dance troupes and related dance, youth and fitness organizations worldwide.


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