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Laura Braid

Ottawa Dancer
Ottawa Artistic Director

Laura's passion for her craft has been ever-growing since the young age of 6, when she took her very first dance class. Since then, her knowledge, movement vocabulary and appreciation for the art form has developed drastically leading to her current role as the Artistic Director of Culture Shock Ottawa.

Laura grew up in a studio environment, where she harnessed her skills in a variety of classical styles. She continued her dance education through attending Canterbury High School and graduated with a Fine Arts Diploma. She attests that her classical training is a huge contributor to her understanding of body control and choreography pick up.

However, being introduced to the urban dance culture in 2011 is when she truly fell in love with her craft. She was first introduced to hip hop styles with Pulse N Limited dance crew and shortly after auditioned for Culture Shock Ottawa. Laura has withheld a number of leadership roles within Culture Shock which have been a direct result of her devotion to her team and advocacy for the Organization. She is grateful for the countless opportunities that Culture Shock Ottawa has provided her with over the years, including the ability to travel, perform and train throughout North-America, and create long-lasting relationships and support systems amongst her dance families. Having adopted the mentality of "always a student", Laura looks forward to the endless lessons that the art of dance has yet to instill.

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