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Laia Meghdadi

Toronto Dancer
Toronto Marketing Director

Laia was born and raised in Toronto, with a Spanish and Iranian heritage. She is now studying ID and one day dreams of working in Africa. She became a member of Culture Shock Toronto (CSTO) in 2009, bringing her commitment and professionalism to the troupe.

Her dance history is extensive (because she has been dancing for just about as long as she could walk). Laia started in ballet at 3 and since then has explored many different dance styles, including ballet, jazz, rhythmic gymnastics, and gymnastics, Flamenco, lyrical and, of course, hip hop. Since 2003, hip hop has been her passion and focus, but she still makes time for the occasional drop-in contemporary or reggae class.

CSTO has provided Laia with weekly classes and rehearsals, and the chance to meet people who share the same passion as she does, and have much fun doing it. It's given her the chance to meet people of all ages, who come from all over the map, and who meet together because they share the same passion.

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