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Kseniya Vakhrushkina

Toronto Administrative Director

Kseniya was born in Ukraine and came to Toronto at the age of 11. She started dancing ballroom at the age of 5 in Ukraine. When she moved to Toronto at the age of 11 she did rhythmic gymnastics for 2 years and then went back to dance. This time it was hip hop. She got her first taste of hip hop while watching a number her high school's talent show and she decided to try this new style of dance. For the next 4 years she trained taking classes in the city and was a part of "NexxLevel" dance troupe. She joined Culture Shock Ottawa when she moved to Ottawa for university in 2007. Moving back to Toronto in 2011 she stayed with Culture Shock and joined the Toronto troupe. She is now the Administrative director of CSTO. She loves the team dynamic and the values the Culture Shock organization stands for.

Her favourite experience in Culture Shock is the showcases. Seeing all the other dancers and understanding that you are a part of something bigger, is a very bonding and humbling experience. They help you realize what Culture Shock is about and let you be around people with the same values and goals.

CS taught Kseniya to step out of her comfort zone and not be scared to try something new. CS is very supportive and you understand and feel that even if you don't get something right, these people won't let you fall.

Apart from dancing and school Kseniya loves snowboarding, traveling and eating. She hopes to continue dancing and performing.

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