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Jennalee Desjardins

Toronto Dancer

Jennalee's dance training started at the early age of 3, studying the traditional styles of Ballet, Tap and Jazz, as well as Musical Theatre, Highland and Acadian. While living abroad in her teens, her love of Hip Hop dance was sparked by music videos, as they were her only access to North American culture. After returning to Canada to complete a degree in English and International Development Studies at King's College in Halifax, Jennalee began to take dance training more seriously. She attends workshops on a regular basis.

After successfully auditioning for Culture Shock Ottawa in 2010, she has been traveling and performing with the troupe. Her current training involves dance as well as leadership skills to deliver youth dance programs. In 2011, Jennalee was honoured with two new positions: Assistant Youth Outreach Director and Assistant Artistic Director.

Jennalee teaches Hip Hop classes all over Ottawa and the surrounding region. Her passion and energy shine on and off the dance floor. She brings a positive vibe and great sense of humour to every class she teaches.

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