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About Culture Shock Canada Charity

Our Purpose

Through structured urban dance-based education and enrichment programs for youth, Culture Shock Canada Charity (CSCC) addresses issues of social isolation & self-esteem, and builds relational, teamwork, and leadership skills.

These programs provide enriching self-esteem building activities, education in interpersonal skills, as well as a platform for practicing those skills, developing social bonds, and successfully working towards a challenging long-term goal with peers. This contributes to greater resilience; helping youth to reach their full potential.

*Charitable status application pending.  These services are not eligible for official donation receipts.

The Culture Shock family has grown from its base in San Diego to cities across the United States and Canada. Each company is individually operated to implement the Culture Shock mission of entertainment, education, and community enrichment with the unique needs of its community in mind. Each company has up to five dance troupes serving a diverse range of ages, skills, and goals.

What We Address

Youth face many challenges through their crucial development years, as they build their sense of self, learn to deal with stress, and try to integrate into peer groups and society. Low self-esteem and social isolation have been identified as key factors that influence the development and wellness of youth and are becoming more prevalent in today’s society. These factors along with poor interpersonal skills often act in vicious cycles to perpetuate and worsen issues.

Vicious Cycles:

  • When youth have low self-esteem, they don't have the confidence to interact with others, leading to social isolation. When they are socially isolated, it further wears down their self-esteem.

  • When youth don't have relational and interpersonal skills, they don't interact effectively with others in a way that builds positive social connections and bonds, and they end up being socially isolated. When they are socially isolated, they don't have opportunity to develop or practice their relational skills.

  • Without internal self-confidence and external social supports, youth do not have resilience to overcome life challenges and work towards accomplishing longer-term goals. Resilience has been shown to be one of the key factors that influence the success of children and youth in reaching their full potential.

Why What We Do Works

Classroom based environments and activities are generally not attractive to youth who already spend so much time in class at school. Urban dance is popular and relatable to youth. This gets them motivated and keeps them engaged with the programs and activities designed to work towards addressing self-esteem and social isolation issues.

Structured dance and artistic expression activities have shown to be effective at building self-esteem in youth. Especially as youth build their skills and share and bond with their peers.

Experiential learning activities have been shown to be an essential way to build and practice relational, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Dance based activities also provide other relevant health and wellness benefits such as increased physical activity and fitness, a positive outlet for emotion and self-expression, and an alternative to negative influences and activities.

Culture Shock Canada Charity programs and activities leverage all of these factors and address the issues described in the Problem Statement/Rationale; breaking negative cycles by building self-esteem, reducing social isolation, and building interpersonal skills.

Annual Youth Showcase Fundraiser

On the afternoon of June 21st, 2003, several youth dance groups took a bow and completed another chapter in Culture Shock Canada's youth outreach program history. The first ever Youth Outreach Extravaganza (organized by Culture Shock Canada) showcased the many successful youth programs offered in Ottawa. The youth show, appropriately titled "A Moment Like This" personified the dance troupe's powerful mission to improve the well being and opportunity of youth and other community members.

In using hip hop dance, Culture Shock offers youth many moments for them to showcase their talents and skills. Through the challenge and thrills of performing on stage to the making up and teaching of choreography, youth are given many special moments in time. As they are positively reinforced to experience these moments, their well being and opportunity to fulfill a more positive lifestyle increases, thus helping achieve the goal of Culture Shock's Canada's youth outreach program.

Each summer, experience youth talent at its best and support Culture Shock Canada's mission by attending this incredible showcase. The popularity will only grow as Culture Shock youth programs and invited youth groups from all over the world are invited to perform.

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