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Culture Shock's History

Worldwide History

Culture Shock started in San Diego, California in 1993 by Angie Bunch, a professional dancer, international presenter and Nike Fitness Athlete. Starting the concept as a way of teaching herself how to dance hip hop, Angie gathered together a group of hip hop street dancers to develop and perform hip hop choreography. A professional performing troupe of dancers was formed, and by the end of that year, Culture Shock San Diego was born. In the next few years Culture Shock would expand to Los Angeles, Oakland, Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington D.C..

In the next few years Culture Shock would expand to Los Angeles, Oakland, Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington D.C.. With each addition of a troupe, the Mission Statement's concept evolved into a non-profit, youth outreach and community service program that was fueled purely by volunteerism. By using street dance, the group reached out to young people, steering them away from drugs, violence and hatred into a life-style which promoted acceptance, achievement and self confidence. Culture Shock is also about offering a performance opportunity and a supportive and positive environment to talented dancers. Since the development of other Culture Shock dance troupes, the group has evolved into a large international cultural network.

In San Francisco, troupe members donated time to starting a free dance and performing group concept known as Future Shock. These troupes, made up of youth from 8-18 years old, are Culture Shock's direct link to the community. By offering free dance instruction, a safe place in which to learn and play as well as a performing outlet, Culture Shock found that the youth were more receptive to its drug free and healthy lifestyle message. As a result of its powerful message and it's successful programs, Culture Shock troupes have been formed all over the United States as well as other countries including Canada, France, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Culture Shock has also distinguished itself as a major performing power as well as youth outreach pioneer: In the United States, MTV, Nike Inc., NBA, WNBA, ABL, ESPN-ABC TV, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, and the Centre du Marais are just a few places where the Culture Shock presence has been felt.

Canada History

Culture Shock Canada is an organization dedicated to encouraging positive lifestyles, non-violence, physical fitness, and community involvement. Culture Shock Canada dancers perform in live hip hop dance shows, teach all levels of hip hop classes to all ages and participate in community youth outreach programs, thereby fostering high self-esteem and providing positive role models. By developing its dance troupes, Culture Shock has evolved into a large international cultural network. Our dance troupes encourage peer support and promote a unique degree of fraternity.

Culture Shock is Canada's first professional hip hop dance troupe. The group is motivated by its powerful mission to expand hip hop opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender or orientation. Culture Shock stands out as a premier program that brings the energy of fitness and the enthusiasm and excitement of dance to all people.

Originally founded by MarK Macy in 1997 and directed by Carole Moy-Woodstock, Culture Shock Canada is now under the national direction of Marc-André Clément. The diverse troupes have taken their message to various communities, high schools, special events and youth organizations throughout Ontario and Québec. Originally started in Ottawa in 1998, Culture Shock Canada has strengthened their mission and expanded to Toronto (2001) and Montreal (2004), making it the second largest Culture Shock organization worldwide.