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William Miller Jr.

Culture Shock DC

William Miller, Jr. began his dance journey in 2000. Foundationally a jazz dancer, he discovered his love for hip-hop dance and urban styles when he attended the University of Maryland: College Park. During his studies in Kinesiology and Public Health, he joined Dynamic Hip-Hop Dance Team and ever since then his love for dance, leadership, and the community has become integral in his life.

During his time on Dynamic Hip-Hop Dance Team, William was a core member for five years, a contributing choreographer, and eventually went on to become one of the Directors/Vice President of the team. Using his foundation and knowledge gained from his experiences in college, he joined Culture Shock® first as a scholar and then officially as a member of the Season 13 cast in 2015. After his first year on Culture Shock®, he was chosen to serve as one of the Choreography Captains for Season 14 in 2016 under the Artistic Direction of Greg David. Through being a captain he learned many skills relating to operations, dancer development, leadership, and the overall functioning of Culture Shock® as an organization. In 2017, William was named the Artistic Director of Culture Shock® DC for Season XV. As a member and Director of Culture Shock® DC, William strives to cultivate professionalism, confidence, open mindedness, and fearlessness in his dancers, while creating a safe, fun, innovative, and hardworking environment.

Outside of directing Culture Shock® DC, William dances with his crew, Sticks N Stones, co-directs a dance project called Code Red Project and teaches advanced level Street Jazz at a studio, as well as various dance workshops. He has had the opportunity to teach all over Maryland, various locations in North Carolina, Virginia, D.C., and Ottawa Canada. He wants to use his talents to continue to spread his love of dance, community, and choreography through his passion for teaching, directing, artist development, and art of all forms.

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