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Matt "Babyboy" Cruz

Bucc N Flvr

Also known as "Babyboy" Matt was born in Quezon City, Philippines and moved to Canada at the age of 11 where he began dancing/training on concrete and various places (Battles/Cyphers). The life as a street dancer was very limited without a consistent training facility, and also the reputation as one wasn't very well recieved. The Hip Hop culture wasn't spread out as far as it is now so the years spent in the underground scene practicing, fully understanding and living the culture, played a major role in Matt's development.

His career truly began when he co-founded Bucc N Flvr DANCE CREW in 2009, where the calibre and body of work had reached a new level, representing the city of Toronto and representing Canada on a international stage. Matt has collaborated with various artists from local to international artists and has also mentored and taught workshops all across the country.

Keeping true to the street dance and hip hop culture with traditional methods and ways of training, and always being in the mindset of a student. Matt aims to maintain and carry on tradition for the love of the Hip Hop culture and the people.

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