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Greg David

Culture Shock DC

Greg David’s journey in dance began in 2007, transitioning from seven years of being a Tubist. He moved into a more focused path in 2009 by joining Phunktions Dance Company at University of Maryland, College Park, and later became the Artistic Director for three seasons. Greg eventually became a member Culture Shock Washington DC® in 2012 by way of their Scholarship Program, and was named the Artistic Director of Culture Shock Washington DC® in 2015 for Seasons 13 and 14.

It truly was with this organization that he truly understood how the art of dance can truly improve the quality of peoples' lives in numerous aspects. Through Culture Shock® he has been fortunate enough to perform and teach in Los Angeles, Oakland, Las Vegas, North Carolina, and Ottawa, Canada. As a member of Culture Shock Washington DC®, he has fully committed himself to cultivating empowerment, honesty, and glory within his dancers and his community.

As an individual, he has committed himself to a life of love, liberty, and learning. At the intersection of the two, he has found home in inviting dancers to explore, expand, heal, and to just bloom.

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