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Miambi Kassé

PNL, Culture Shock Ottawa, Rhythm2Dance

Miambi Kassé was born in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. She grew up surrounded by an artistic family, and naturally, developed a passion for all things related to art. As a young girl she loved to sing and dance. She spent afternoons watching hip hop and R&B music videos, admiring the dancers, and dreamt of being one of them.

Miambi started training in dance at age 15 when she discovered Future Shock Ottawa, a non-profit hip hop dance troupe for youth. She joined the group, having never taking dance classes previously, and quickly fell in love with learning and sharing movement with others. She knew from that point on that dance would forever be a part of her life.

Miambi’s passion for dance lead her to be very involved in the Ottawa dance community. In 2012, Miambi joined PNL Dance Co., one of Ottawa’s leading urban dance crews. She has trained, performed, and competed with PNL and in 2016 took on a role as Co-Director. Miambi also became involved with Culture Shock, an international non-profit organization. With Culture Shock, she showcased in cities such as Montreal, Los Angeles, Washington, San Diego and of course Ottawa.

In 2014, after moving to Montreal, Miambi found herself in a competitive dance team at Studio de Danse Montreal Paris. Surrounded by the amazing dance talent in Montreal, Miambi was inspired to push herself even more. She trained and competed with this team for a year, and with that realised she needed to pursue dance seriously.

Since moving back to Ottawa, Miambi has sought out training in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles. She has completed the three month International Student Visa Program at Broadway Dance Center, to which she was awarded a scholarship while attending a workshop in Toronto. Miambi continues to look for performance opportunities in Ottawa and other cities. She has danced with local artists Maurice Moore, Jahriia, Marie-Clo and Melissa Vales, as a dancer and assistant choreographer.

In addition to her love of performing, Miambi also developed a  love of sharing. Miambi began to share her choreography in 2013 through community classes offered by her crew PNL. She has since gained a weekly slot in Ottawa’s only street dance studio The Flava Factory, and taught workshops in the region. She has choreographed winning numbers for studio competitive teams as well as her team, PNL Dance Co.  In 2018 Miambi was chosen from hundreds of choreographers to be added to Rhythm2Dance roster of instructors.

Miambi hopes to  continue to share her passion and encourage dancers of her hometown to reach for the stars. She herself hopes to continue gaining experience in the industry and pursue a career in dance.

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