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Aaron Aquino-Annobil

The Underground Dance Centre, The Male Initiative, YYZ Dance Company

Aaron is a founder of J La Soul dance team, Soul Society “that krump movement." His performance credits includes Toronto's Choreographer's Ball, Fever After Dark, The Beatdown, The Bazaar, World of Dance Toronto champion 2014, BYOB dance competition, What Makes a Man with Terry Crews and Jully Black. Most recently he had the privilege of dancing in Esie Mensah’s full-length dance and theatre production, Akoma and choreographing in the full length production of Shavar Blackwood's The Male Initiative 5 Year Anniversary Gala.

Aaron has worked and choreographed for dance crews in the Greater Toronto Area including YYZ Dance Company, Fo'Real Dance Company, C2 Genesys and has had the opportunity to work with choreographers including Shavar Blackwood, Esie Mensah, Hollywood Jade, Leon Blackwood, Ofilio Sinbadinho Matthew Cuff and Brandon “Bizzy” Owusu. Aaron is also an assistant choreographer for the Male Initiative and is a faculty member at the Underground Dance Centre, where he teaches beginner and intermediate hip hop.

Most recently, his choreography has been showcased at Toronto's Choreographer's Ball, Mariano Abarca's dance show "The Bazaar" and Fever After Dark. He's recently founded RUN THE FLEX a beginner hip hop dance program and will be travelling to Cape Breton this upcoming summer as a faculty member with Full Out dance intensive, and working on a new full-length production, Chiaroscuro.

Aaron has been the choreographer for RVG since 2014 working with male and female Youth at risk aged 11-21 to promote a healthy active lifestyle and encourage leadership amongst the group, motivating them to try new dance styles and techniques‎. With his choreography Rvg has competed in events like Stomp TO (where the team placed second in 2016 in the beginners category), TKO, and have been able to perform at local community events.

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